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LI lawful interception

LI lawful interception

LI interface is a powerful tool for law enforcement.

LI-Lawful Interception system to obtain communications network data pursuant to lawful authority for the purpose of analysis or evidence. Information as cellular location, call record & SMS based on active & passive network probe or mediation platforms.

There are many bases for this activity that include infrastructure protection and cybersecurity. In general, the operator of public network infrastructure can undertake LI activities for those purposes. Operators of private network infrastructures have an inherent right to maintain LI capabilities within their own networks unless otherwise prohibited.

One of the bases for LI is the interception of telecommunications by law enforcement agencies (LEAs), regulatory or administrative agencies, and intelligence services, in accordance with local law. Under some legal systems, implementations—particularly real-time access to content—may require due process and receiving proper authorization from competent authorities—an activity that was formerly known as "wiretapping" and has existed since the inception of electronic communications. The material below primarily treats this narrow segment of LI.