Telecom Service Provider

Cellular Location System

Cellular Location System

Argos LCS

Argos LCS gives mobile operators a robust and flexible positioning infrastructure which enables deployment of location services, providing them with a high degree of accuracy, especially in dense urban and rural environments. The ideal location solution must be able to support mission-critical services, such as locating emergency callers (E911/E112/E999) and performing lawful and mass location surveillance for law enforcement and other government agencies, while also enabling commercial location-based services.

Location across all networks technologies.

Argos LCS supports a multitude of network technologies and positioning approaches and can also be deployed as a hybrid system.

Networks Supported

  • 2G (GSM).
  • 3G (UMTS/WCDMA).
  • 4G (LTE).
  • CDMA.

Geo-location Methods

  • A-GPS.
  • Time of Arrival.
  • Enhanced Observed Time Difference.
  • Cell ID + RTT.
  • Cell ID + Time Advance.