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Argos Fraud Track

Argos Fraud Track

Fraud Detection, Prevention and Management

Telecom fraud continues to be a very real problem for the industry. Despite the advances in security technology and awareness, this crime cost equates to nearly 2% of telecom revenues that cannot be reported on a company’s income statement. A recent survey by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), estimates that telecom fraud costs the industry over $46 billion (USD) annually.

Argos Fraud Track is a powerful, high capacity platform that enables telecom operators to detect and stop different types of telecommunication-related fraud. The system can collect data from multiple sources: Argos probes, billing systems or mediation devices.

Combing this information into a unified database provides Argos Fraud Track with unique analysis capabilities, consisting of real-time analysis (singular event analysis) as well as offline data processing. The system output can be in the form of alerts, reports, graphs or even provisioning actions. All these capabilities and more make Argos Fraud Track an ideal solution for telecom operators wishing to stop fraudulent activities and prevent revenue leakage.