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Argos PROBE Based Interception

Argos PROBE Based Interception

This approach relies on continuous-monitoring of the network’s relevant traffic passively using probes, extracting the relevant information each time it becomes available, relaying the information to the Server, where it is processed and turned into Location Detail Records (LDRs). The information is then accessible for permitted applications, or can be sent continuously to another system/application.

The number of cross connects and probes could vary from 1 to infinite. Each probe card is equipped with one I/O card, each card can process up to 16 physical E1/T1s or up to 16 Signaling links at 1 Erlang.

The system offers several options of redundancy from inbuilt local redundant components to topological redundancy assuring no single point of failure

  • Scalable from 1 to 8 multi-Core Packetarium™ network processing cards.
  • SAS/SATA controller for two AdvancedMCs with 2.5" storage devices.
  • Six 10GbE and sixteen 1GbE external interfaces.
  • L2 switch management
  • Designed for NEBS 3.0