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    Telecom Solutions
    that you need!
    Location Content Services
    Cellular Positioning systems for operators
    including network based active and passive
    solutions for GSM, UMTS, LTE and
    CDMA networks.
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    Technologies designed for business improvement
    Track employees and increase productivity
    Tracking & Monitoring Assets - A Geofence
    Secure Encrypted Messenger - ASM
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    Real Time Location System
    Argos Zone is a RTLS product to delivers simultaneous
    location, tracking and analysis for virtually any
    and every Wi-Fi device and asset, all from a single
    Precision device positioning accurate
    Real-time Locating
    Zone-based alerts

LCS Telecom Service provider

Cellular Positioning systems for operators including network based active and passive solutions for GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA networks, device based A-GPS with highly accurate positioning.

Strong Encryption

We use all cryptographic algorithms for encryption, key exchange, digital signature, and hashing according to the NIST and used by NSA for protecting National Security Systems.

Geofence & Tracking

Geofence LBS uses GPS and other technologies to provide the best GPS tracking solutions. Geo-fence and panic button alerts allow your security team to track, protect and respond to employees.

Law Enforcement

Lawful Interception solutions for cellular location & SMS, providing active & passive LI based on network probes, mediation platforms, Monitoring Center

Secure Messaging

ASM is a secure and completely encrypted enterprise messaging solution. increase the productivity and improve the internal communication.

Cyber Security

Your best defense is a proactive approach that prioritizes the safety of your most valuable assets: client and financial data, intellectual property, and critical applications.


Argos Wireless Location Content Service Solution.

Has emerged as a leading telecommunications technologies, leveraging our sophisticated knowledge of networking and network operations,
signaling, call flows, ip data flows, databases and ever-changing internet protocols and applications.

More About Us

Argos Wireless

Argos Wireless has been changing the world of high-accuracy wireless location since its founding in 2010. We have been developing software-based solution for highly reliable, high-accuracy wireless location.

  • Cellular Positioning Systems
  • Secure Enterprise Messaging.
  • LI solutions for cellular location.
  • RealTime SS7 monitor Probe.
  • Geofence & Track Mobile App.
  • Unified Real Time Locationing Solutions.
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